Flex Network Project OUT.rs

flex cssCustom tree control with xml photo gallery,network data visualization, video streaming. Project info you can find here,and here, demo, and you can find source click here.

Flex Skin Ubuntu Orange Like

flex cssThis skin is based on Undefined Skin One of, according to my experience, is one of the most often used skins on the web, congratulations to author. Undefined.es My changes are related to optimization, and adapting style to look like ubuntu orange theme. here is an example demo, and you can find source click here.

Loading style sheets at run time

flex cssYou can load style sheets at run time by using the StyleManager. These style sheets take the form of SWF files that are dynamically loaded while your Flex application runs. By loading style sheets at run time, you can load images (for graphical skins), fonts, type and class selectors, and programmatic skins into your Flex application without embedding them at compile time.Here is an example demo, and you can find source click here. Read more>>

Designers These Days…

… have a good design sense and understand the fundamentals / design principals.
… know all the major design software including the entire Adobe Creative Suite.
… have a killer online portfolio.
… know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
… know enough about server-side languages (PHP, ASP, Ruby, Python, etc) to understand how they work, what they do, and the possibilities of their use.
… know about servers, hosting, domain registrants, DNS, etc. Setting it up, and fixing it when it breaks.
… know OS X really well (and enough Windows to get by) or know Windows really well (and enough OS X to get by) and know a huge variety of utility software that goes with.
… are good photographers.
… can color correct photos and work in RAW.
… can cut clipping paths or otherwise extract objects from photos.
… are a personable, nice people that are good with clients.
… can help clients with anything even vaguely computer-related.
… are quick to adapt to new software and new technologies.
… can train fellow employees.
… can train clients on the use of their websites.
… are good communicators.
… are team players.
… have good taste in art, music and movies.
… are up to date on social media.
… are good at logic and deduction.
… are good at user experience and user testing.
… are SEO experts.
… know about and how to handle web accessibility (and the laws surrounding it)
… understand copyright laws.
… do progressive enhancement and graceful degradation techniques.
… can debug cross-browser problems and older browser bugs.
… can bring your own client base.
… are healthy, well groomed, and wear fancy t-shirts.
… can be on-call at all times for emergencies.
… have college degrees in design-related fields.
… own very nice and expensive computers full of expensive software.
… can design for mobile devices.
… are good typographers.

Google Maps API for Flex Developers

flex css
The Google Maps API for Flash provides way to develop interactive Maps using Adobe's Flex Builder to display dynamic content on Google Map! This Project made for RECAN Serbia use API ActionScript Reference to add icons on predefined map points. Data provider for icons and data grid on the left side is a xml file. Here is an example demo, and you can find source click here. Read first >>